COVID Response.

Hi There Beautiful Mumma!

As we are all experiencing at the moment, the world is a crazy place. There has been many things that have impacted on all aspects of our life. Most of these things have severely impacted the way that we do business. through this time we have had to learn, change and adapt the way we do things to fit our new "normal". 

During this time we have seen a huge increase in demand, which we are very grateful for, however are still learning to adapt too. Whilst we are finally getting the better ant this new juggling act, there are still delays while we work out the finer points. We have also seen longer than usual (double and sometimes up to triple) delivery times getting stock into our warehouse. This is also causing significant delays getting the stock out to you.

This is why you will see a packing time of 3-10 business days plus shipping time for your order. We are working very very hard to cut this time down as much as we can and in the coming weeks we expect this to drop significantly. 

Please note that we will be packing your order with clean hands and taking all necessary precautions to ensure your order is safe.

Once your order is packed we work very hard to find the quickest way to get your order out to you. Sometimes this may be a courier and then other times it may be Express Post. Please know that we are choosing the best avenue for your order.

Please note that we are still sending orders to NZ. However, unfortunately at this time due to the recent lockdown and restricted flights to NZ that Australia Post have access to, we are seeing very long delays. There is a huge backlog of orders waiting at the airport to get to NZ. Hopefully with the ease of restrictions coming we should see some more movement with these parcels. We know it is very frustrating but we are doing everything we can to get your order to you.

We thank you and ask for your ongoing patience as we, like everyone else adjust to our new way of life.

If you have any issues whatsover then please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing

Kindest Regards,

Mumma + Bubba xo